Aizle Active 

                                         Personal Training Centre 

Fitness is to the body, What knowledge is to the mind.

Not getting the results you’re used to? Whether it’s toning, building or weight loss, Aizle Active personal training can get you back on track……fast. Aizle Active Personal trainers have been serving the central Scotland area since 2001.       


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                           The right personal trainer for the right results.

                                              Personal training in :  

                                                  Weight lifting  


                                                Gracie Jiu-Jitsu   

                                               Functional Training 

                Personal Training 

                                  5 Sessions - £160.00      

                                                           Aizle Active,

                                                      Ballat Cross Roads,

                                                          Balfron Station,


                                                             G63 0SE 

      Personal Training Centre


Aizle Active, Personal Training Centre, Ballat Cross Roads, Balfron Station,Glasgow, G63 0SE

Aizle Active was founded in Balfron Station in 2001 as a small personal training exercise facility. Our prescriptive exercise programs were the referral choice of many GPs and Chiropractors. It is out of those rehabilitation programs that our personal training business developed as many of our clients chose to continue to improve their fitness and well being beyond medical necessity. 


Whether you want to improve fitness, lose weight, tone up, build up, rehab a sports injury, shape up for a wedding or need postpartum reconditioning, our personal trainers have the right exercise program for you: scheduled appointments and one-on-one attention. We have the expertise you want and the experience you deserve. 

Workout sessions run between 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

Showers and lockers are provided for your convenience.


Aizle Active,

Balfron Station,


G63 0SE.


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